A Perimenopause Journey to Finding your Collective & Reclaiming your Wild. 

"Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship." ~ Brene Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection 


If you are reading this, you are in the right place and meant to be here! 

The Wild Collective truly is a unique program. It is a collaborative initiative that creates a sacred space for women to learn more about how their body functions  - physiology simplified! 

This program also highlights the emotional and spiritual energetics of the different body systems and the collective synergy that exists throughout. 

We'll integrate the meaning and purpose of your energy centers or chakras and how that impacts your health on all levels. 

We'll take a deep dive into your mindset and weave in a bit of brain based coaching to help you become a better version of you. 

What makes the Wild Collective particularly meaningful is the emphasis of women in community and the special energy that is generated within each group. 

Community is the Medicine, the Healer.  

We are neurobiologically wired for connection and belonging. When you can show up as your authentic, vulnerable self - in all of its' beautiful imperfections - that very essence is essential for true belonging.  

With a powerful influence of inspiration, empowerment and divine feminine energy integrated throughout The Wild Collective, this program becomes a golden opportunity to deepen your relationship with others and most importantly, deepen the relationship with yourself.   

  • Join our Private Facebook Group for discussion, connection, sharing:  "The Wild Collective - Spring Program 2023" organized by Dr. Kristi.
  • A Special Gift for you as a celebration for saying YES to greater self-awareness, self-care, self-respect and self-love.
  •  Access to all Wild Collective Curriculum & recorded Session.  
    8 Women's health topics 

    8 Weekly LIVE Zoom Sessions  
    April 4th - May 23rd, 2023
    Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00 pm PST  

    Learn a foundational health curriculum from a qualified Women's Health Doctor    

    Become more empowered with healthier self-care knowledge and self-care practices

    **Limited Seats Available**


    Hi, I’m Dr. Kristi and I'm SO thrilled that you are here!  

    As a Naturopathic & Functional Medicine Doctor for over 15 years, I have had the honor and joy of teaching and guiding my patients using a more natural, whole-person, personalized approach for their deeper healing. 

    My passion is in women’s health, with a purpose of educating and empowering women on how to better address their fluctuating cycles of hormones - from adolescence to menopause.

    I know what it's like to struggle with your health and understand how frustrating it can feel when you're not getting the resolution you need. 

    During my own journey to becoming a doctor, and with support from other integrative practitioners, I have healed my body through natural and safe therapies countless times.  
    Whatever phase of life you are presently faced with, always remember that you possess the unlimited power to heal your body in more ways than you can imagine.   
    The Wild Collective Program is the perfect complement to what I provide for my clients in my 1:1 practice.

    What I love about this program is not only the health educational modules that teach women about body awareness and self-care practices, I value the focus on community, collaboration and the celebration of ALL women. Your story, experiences and wisdom influence the lives of other women. 

    Essentially, The Wild Collective is reigniting the sacred roots of sisterhood with a modern approach. 

    I look forward to seeing you in The Wild Collective! 

    Dr. Kristi 
    THE women's health topics
    The hormonal cycles in a woman's body throughout her life is perfection. How can you better understand and appreciate your hormones as your superpower? 
    The GI Tract is not only a fiery source for breaking down our meals, it also has a symbiotic relationship with our brain. How can you tune in and trust your gut feeling?
    Our bodies are continually detoxifying and eliminating what it no longer needs. What (and Who) do you need to detox & clear from your life?
    This powerhouse gland is the metabolic catalyst for every cell and organ in the body. How can you authentically speak your truth to create change in your life?
    My Vision & PURPOSE 
    Establish clarity & take aligned action toward the things that matter the most to you. What is your purpose in life? What brings you the most joy? 
    Your sleep and your stress are inextricably linked.  
    How can you lower your stress response so your body can rest, repair, heal and feel rejuvenated?
    The health and vitality of our female organs are essential for creating life and for feeling sexy and desirable.
    How can you connect with and elevate your feminine power to create more of what you want? 
    Your brain is a magnificent source of creation for your thoughts, feelings, actions, and moods. How can you work with this brilliant masterpiece to manifest the health and life you desire? 
    Carbohydrates come in many forms. Understanding which ones to consume will determine your vital energy.  
    How can you harvest the sweetness of life that is both nourishing and enjoyable? 
    OUR Divine Feminine
    The divine feminine represents our creation, intuition, receptivity, compassion and connection. 
    Are you ready to follow your inherent wisdom that is in resonance with your soul's purpose? 


    Once you have completed the first phase, yourself and the rest of your collective you have grown with will have the opportunity move up to the next phase, The Wild Alumni. In this phase you will take what you have learned about your body in the Wild Collective and graduate to elevating your mind and how to harness its power.
    *This is a progression to The Wild Collective and you must complete
    phase one, The Wild Collective before enrolling in this program.




    After graduating from Wild Alumni, you will have the chance to move forward to Forever Wild. In this collective you will be asked the hard questions, your soul put to the test and what truely lights your soul on fire. The intention is to move towards your higher self and let the divine feminine be your guide.
    *This is a progression to the Wild Alumni and you must complete
    phase two, Wild Alumni before enrolling in this program.
    The Wild Collective is offered across Canada, USA, and New Zealand. We are growing every single day and making stronger connections as we expand.  Be a part of something great, something that will change you for a life time and something you can share with others. Be apart of a world-wide powerful collective of women.

    You crave more meaning; you know that there is something powerful waiting within you to be unlocked. You want to know yourself better, you want to understand, you want to feel deeply connected to yourself and serving your purpose.

    [BONUS] 1:1 Strategy Sessions

    One on one strategy session with your ND facilitator to get clear on your goals before your program begins (plus a cute journal to boot!)

    Valued at $500

    Dr. Shyamala Kiru, Psychotherapist, Relationship Expert, Coach for Women   

    Join Dr. Shyamala Kiru as she discusses the latest concepts in Human Design, Emotional IQ, the essential nature of relationships with others and most importantly, the relationship we have with ourselves. 
    Date: TBD...
    Zoom Webinar 

    Dr. Michelle Peris, Naturopathic Doctor, Founder of The Wild Collective, Coach for Women 

    Join Dr. Michelle Peris as she discusses her inspiration for creating The Wild Collective, women's empowerment and the significance of the Wild Woman Archetype. 
    Date: TBD...
    Zoom Webinar

    [BONUS] Relationship Bootcamp
    & Mindset Masterclass with
    Dr. Shyamala Kiru

    My friend and mindset mentor Dr. Shyamala Kiru has offered to bring each of our women into her Relationship Bootcamp and will be offering a mindset masterclass for our The Wild Collective groups after your first class.

    We will be working on goal setting, assertiveness and other skills you’ll want to get the most out of your The Wild Collective experience.

    Valued at $3500

    Learn how to embrace and tune in to the inherent and powerful 
    divine feminine wisdom that has been with you all along.  

    one time payment
    easy pay

    ***Weekly Classes Are Tuesday Evenings For 10 Weeks
    Starting 10/12/21 to 12/14/21
    Times: 6:30pm to 8:00pm PST*** 

    "I joined The Wild Collective this fall with a bit of hesitation because I'm not someone who knows a lot about the Naturopathic world and wondered if I'd become overwhelmed when it came to the terms and concepts I hadn't heard of before. I also knew that a big part of The Wild Collective was to be a part of a community, however, I already have some really amazing women and communities in my life, who I am grateful for, so I thought it might be too much to add yet another commitment to my already busy schedule. Nevertheless, there was something about The Wild Collective that had me curious, so I decided to join!

    Well, it's been 8 months and I am SO thankful that I joined The Wild Collective. From the very first meeting, I learned so much valuable information about my menstrual cycle and have continued to learn about my body, my nutrition, my gut, my mind and so much more. On top of that, there has been a gradual and fulfilling feeling of sisterhood with the like-minded women in the group that has developed over the months. Even though I have friends who I can confide in and talk to about pretty much anything, there is something very special about the women in our The Wild Collective community. I feel a unique bond and openness with them and it has helped me learn and get through some challenging times.

    I was particularly blown away during this week's meeting, which was our first time meeting virtually due to CO-VID, by how much The Wild Collective seems to nourish a certain part of my soul. The Zoom meeting we had was a total success and a testament to how committed Michelle is to continue the connection and learning we do each month. I think it was no accident that the topic for this past week was "My Brain/Mental Health." I could go on and on, but I'll end by saying... The Wild Collective is amazing and I recommend it to anyone interested in starting or continuing on their personal growth journey!"


    "When I first signed up for The Wild Collective what caught my attention was the word "Rebel". (I actually immediately had visions of being wild in the jungle and flying through trees like Tarzan lol)

    Having made decisions in my life that I deem to be of the rebel nature, I decided I needed to see how much more of a rebel I could discover within myself. And whoa, I've definitely been infused with some beautiful and powerful things that are empowering me to continue on a lit path.

    Listening to all the women share about their journey in life, their vulnerabilities, their joys and hardships, and simply how they share their hearts, is affirming. The space we share in has an energy of safety, love and laughter:)

    The knowledge that was humbly and lovingly presented to us, set me on a healthier path with my body and spirit. I definitely feel more connected to myself, with a curiosity into topics I had no idea about that has been ignited.

    Our virtual session was one where I had no idea of how it would go. BUT, I can truthfully say that the connection to the women in our collective really strengthened for me. I was able to focus on their facial expressions and tune into their emotions as they all spoke. While I do enjoy gathering in person, this experience was really fun, sparked more change and of course was quite easy :)

    So would I recommend The Wild Collective? 1000%. I came into it with an open and ready mind. I decided to be present and to be as patient as possible with the journey, as this life long journey of discovering ourselves is a beautiful, wild and exhilarating ride."

    Love, Reeshma

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What if I have to
    miss a session? 
    Sessions will be recorded for your group, for you to watch sessions you have to miss. All powerpoint presentations, session recordings and handouts will be uploaded into your FB group.  
    Is this program for
    extroverts & introverts?
    Great question! We have designed this program to meet the needs of all connection styles. We have moments & events that energize the extroverts and we have events that support and nourish the needs of the introverts. Its win/win.
    What if I don’t
    want to share?
    There is no pressure to share at all. Although we have yet to meet a woman who didn’t love sharing… (true story) We promise to foster a safe space, but you don't have to share at all! Get ready to fill your cup and feel energized by the Wild Collective connection experience. 
    Does this program mean I have a doctor and patient relationship?
    The Wild Collective (TWC), is a community education course for women. There are no treatment recommendations, no supplement prescription, no assessment included in the programming. We inform you on general health information so that you are able to have informed discussions with your clinician/ health care provider during a scheduled appointment. The Wild Collective clearly demonstrates being a general health information program. If you seek individualized 1:1 care, please contact Dr. Kristi Tompkins. 
    Is this targeted to a specific age group or health condition for women?
    Quick answer: Absolutely not.
    We crave to have a diverse Collective of women, different ages, life experiences we all have something to offer and we all can learn and benefit from the collective experience. We are in love with celebrating women at every age. Historically women hung out together in a Collective. Once you experience the magic, you’ll wonder why we ever stopped.
    ***Is the community & connection as powerful as a virtual experience as it is as a in person experience?***
    We have been privileged enough to host The Wild Collective sessions virtually and in person and there has been no compromise with regards to the connection amongst the wild women. If connection is what you crave, we have you covered, we have researched, invested and poured our hearts into ensuring we have strategies in place so that this is a powerful dose of sisterhood.
    What is the flow
    of these sessions?
    50% Sisterhood/ Connection
    50% Women’s health curriculum
    100% Wild reclamation
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